Welcome to Hoghton in Harmony.

Rather than reading about us, why don’t you come along to a few of our rehearsal evenings and experience the health benefits first hand, of being part of a wellbeing choir.

Hoghton in Harmony

Our aim is to uplift and inspire. You don’t need to audition, and even if you haven’t sung a note in your whole life, it doesn’t matter. Come along and join us on our quest to feel good through singing.


A local wellbeing choir based in the Lancashire village of Hoghton.

Beginning in February 2015, Hoghton in Harmony have enjoyed learning a variety of songs, from traditional folk music through to the ever popular Greatest Showman.

Along the way, they have had the pleasure of collaborating with other fantastic choirs, such as The Freevoices in Fulwood and The Good For You choir in Chadderton. Learning together, singing together. 🎶



Contact Us

Please find below our contact details and where to find us in real life as well as via social media. Please click on the links and follow us in your preferred app.