May It Be -Lockdown Style

We have had so much fun putting together our most recent lockdown video, May It Be from Lord of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring.

Would you believe that a three minute video can actually take two hours to film?! Household members across Hoghton and beyond muted the TV, daren’t boil the kettle, ignore the postman knocking, and banished their beloved pet to the garden, on their quest to achieve the perfect take. No, having “Mum, can I have a drink?” shouted from the kitchen, is not a good opening accompaniment for this beautifully ethereal piece.🙄

Our next video project is a very special one, which we are currently busy practicing. Stay tuned folks! 🎶

The Show Must Go On

Since Hoghton In Harmony went online in March 2020, we have tackled a variety of new repertoire, and indeed a new way of doing things!

Our weekly Zoom meetings begin at 7pm every Monday and at the moment we are particularly enjoying singing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, from the comfort of our own homes, with the windows (& voices) fully open!

One nice addition to our meetings is the background tweeting of birds in various locations across the county. Seemingly they have enjoyed the musical offerings from our members over the past few sunny weeks and if you listen careful, you can here them in action in our latest lockdown video.

To join our Zoom meetings, please drop us an email and you will be sent a Zoom link and all the details you’ll need to get started. All first sessions are complimentary.

5 years of music making!

We are proud to say that we have been going from strength to strength ever since we started in Feb 2015! The last five years have been filled with wonderful singing, friendships and LOTS of cake. Thanks to everyone who has supported us along the way and coming on the journey with us. Looking forward to exploring new repertoire and seeing what’s around the corner for Hoghton in Harmony this year. X

Half Term Break

This week we had a break for half term but we’re back this coming Monday and will be raring to go. We will be looking at a classic Take That song. Any guesses as to which one it may be? 🙂

The Hoghton Variety Show

We had the pleasure of singing at The Hoghton Variety Show last Friday, to raise money for the next Hoghton Panto.

The village Hall was packed out with lots of friendly faces in attendance, to watch many talented acts. With a special guest appearance from Colin Kyani, musical theatre singer extraordinare, the evening went down a storm.

Having practiced processing from the back of the room, we decided to go with plan b on the night, due to the hall being so busy, which meant we entered from the side instead. All ran smoothly and the audience were very welcoming and friendly. It was lovely to perform to such a packed house.

Let’s hope lots of funds were raised. We’ll keep you posted.

St Leonard’s Church, Walton-Le-Dale

We had a fabulous time, singing for St Leonard’s Church’s AGM last Thursday. This is was unusual concert in that our stage piano decided to go on strike just before the concert began. Luckily, our clever accompanist/tenor/all round good guy, David Whittingham, came to the rescue, on the organ! Do not fear, the stage piano is now fixed, thanks to Matt and John at The Music Cellar in Preston.

Singing to St Leonard’s wonderfully warm audience was a pleasure and notably we all thoroughly enjoyed our first performance of one of our newest pieces, Oceans and Stars.

We hope to return to St Leonard’s in the new year, for more singing fun.